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Welcome to Shiver Spa!

In this slice of life game you'll spend a day in the shoes of a luxury spa worker. Fly drunk guests to safety (or give them a tour), pick up laundry and retrieve lost luggage! Be part of a resort where humans and animals vacation side by side, and of course they have problems - mostly with you and the average service...

Beautycopter is brief (about 30 minutes long), with simple 3D graphics when you're buzzing around on your ultralight helicopter and a headquarter (and other locations) explorable via point-and-click. There's no combat, manageable amounts of conversations, rings to fly through and guest problems to solve!

Get ready to freeze!

To be honest, it used to be much colder here. Can you make it snow again properly in Shiver Spa, not just with that sad synthsnow?


  • 3D flight mode and 2D adventure mode
  • Communicate with guests via a customer service phrases soundboard
  • Voiced and subtitled
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
AuthorGraceless Games
Made withClickteam Fusion
TagsFlight, Singleplayer, winter
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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thank you for this game. it is melancholic and eerie but still nice. i loved the looks. loved the characters. it felt like this is the perfect game for my depressed mind.


This game made me extremely happy while playing it. The awkward humor and interactions between the characters are really sweet, even when it's something like daylight hat robbery. Particularly loved helping the cat with their food and warmth. Overall a great experience that show the beauty of the everyday and it's oddities!

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Thank you so much! I'm always happy when people get & enjoy the awkwardness


Really beautiful and funny, loved the part outside the resort where the clouds roll away and you find yourself drifting across an endless flat plain with one road and a Eurospar on it, the way something could feel both totally abstracted and weirdly recognizable as a space - thanks for making this!


As I'm currently trying to finish my next game, and the final stretch stretching out endlessly, your comment helped me, uhm, not give up! Thank you, Stephen.

Awesome idea. Loved that pigeon


Wow i was so happy playing this game. The voice acting was sooo cool. How was it done? I just loved all the little animals. The story of the hens stealing the hats was so amazing. I gasped out loud when I heard them say "the clowns hat is almost ours". There is truly evil in this world... I also really liked it when the seahorse doesn't say anything in response to the clown saying "im fully capable of amusing up to 6 people". Huge shout out to Todd for what they did for the pilot. Ever since i was very young, in my heart i knew there were sheep running around in heaven. Finally this game has provided the evidence I always needed... The achievements led me to believe I could wash the giraffe's towel for them... Unfortunately I did not manage to find this in time. I wish to issue an apology to the giraffe for letting them down.

Another small detail i liked was the music notes animation that played over the top of the speak and spell. Actually all of this games animation is so expressive and fun... but that was one of my favorie details. I also liked the dog running around a lot. The main mechanic of flying the copter is really great too. It's never too hard to fly around the world and just feels so chill and relaxed.

Just a really sweet game!! And so pretty!! I'm going to read the zine soon too. I really enjoyed my time at the shiver spa, thank you.

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Thank you so much for your detailed feedback! Made my day!


I appreciated the accompanying zine pdf quite much! Especially the parts on the architecture references. And the speak&spell/toy-like interface was fun as a dialog system. Very cool ❄! 


Thank you!!!


Loved this game. I thought it was really funny and appreciated it being playable in one sitting.


Thank you, Michael!

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Hey, thanks for the request! Send it to abseitspop at gmail . com!